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Some facts about cancer: 15,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year. Cancer knows no ethnicity, socioeconomic class, or geography. Pediatric cancer is hugely underfunded, receiving only 4% of federal funding. Cancer is a pre-existing condition! Cancer is brutal on the patient, but also on the family. Effects of cancer can last long after the diagnosis. Cancer has affected my life. Cancer took my aunt away last year. Cancer brought me Camp Adventure, and many of the closest friends I have.

Some facts about Camp Adventure: Kids Need MoRE Camp Adventure is a one-week sleepaway camp that serves children coping with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses, as well as their siblings. Kids can be at varying stages of their cancer or in remission. Not only is it a chance for kids to just feel like kids for a week (and not a patient!), but it's also a respite for the parents who have been in overdrive every other day of the year. We serve about 150 kids in the tri-state area at camp, and hundreds more at our programs throughout the year. The camp is offered at NO cost to the families, and the entire staff volunteers their time!

Some facts about me: I’ve been a volunteer with Camp Adventure for 12 years!! For the past 4 years, I’ve been a head counselor for the younger boys side of camp. Teddy even became a volunteer as a therapy dog this past year. I do this because I believe that community heals. It’s brought me fulfillment and joy and the most solid support network anyone could ever hope for.

This summer, Kids Need MoRE is allowing us to raise money individually through GiveEffect. It costs about $1000 for each camper and volunteer. This pays for the camp grounds, housing, food, activities, and of course, the magic (magic ain’t free!). My goal is to raise enough to send one child to Camp Adventure. Please help me do MoRE and donate any amount that you can!!

More facts?

Location / Venue

  • Address:
  • Quinipet Retreat Center
  • 99 Shore Road
  • Shelter Island Heights, New York
  • USA
  • Time:
  • Aug 11, 2017 12:00 am to
  • Aug 18, 2017 12:00 am
Camp Adventure Volunteers

About This Campaign

Camp Adventure
Where KiDS can be KiDS!

Click on REGISTER or PARTICIPATE as an individual to Begin your Camp Adventure Volunteer Application. 
Once you complete your CAMPAIGN you will receive to the comprehensive volunteer application on Ultracamp.

This life changing experience is one of a kind. Our Camp Adventure Volunteers have made magic for children coping with cancer for over 27 years.  Help our volunteers in completing this fundraising campaign project. 
You've pledged to those who walk and run races, right?  Our volunteers run a marathon of the heart
They give up vacation time, family events and make sacrifices to make this an amazing summer for our kids coping with cancer. We honor these incredible people that are the backbone of our organization. When you donate  to our volunteers you are making a pledge to help children and families facing cancer. 
Who are our Volunteers?
We recruit people from all walks of life. They are everyday heroes that want to
Be MoRE. GiVE MoRE. Do MoRE. 
Support our volunteers in their mission to do MoRE this summer or you can join us!! 

Why do we ask volunteers to do this Campaign Activity?
We ask our volunteers to fundraise and allow us to serve MoRE children, MoRE families and provide the best training and support for our volunteers. It costs over $1000 to properly support each volunteer staff person. 
The volunteers that raise the MOST funds will be awarded a special prize!! To be announced. 
  1. Michelle  Cazzola
    Michelle Cazzola gave a $200 donation to support Lisa Cazzola
    Have a great time at camp. We are proud of you! Mike and Mich
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  2. Scott and Mary Alice YOU KNOW WHO WE ARE LISA
    Scott and Mary Alice YOU KNOW WHO WE ARE LISA gave a $100 donation to support Lisa Cazzola
    We love you! ;-*
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  3. Kevin Macdonald
    Kevin Macdonald gave a $50 donation to support Lisa Cazzola
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  4. Lauren Coombs
    Lauren Coombs gave a $10 donation to support Lisa Cazzola
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  5. Stephanie Lecci
    Stephanie Lecci gave a $105 donation to support Lisa Cazzola
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  6. Karen Chakiryan
    Karen Chakiryan gave a $100 donation to support Lisa Cazzola
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  7. An anonymous donation of $20 has been made to support Lisa Cazzola
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  8. Orlando Cartagena
    Orlando Cartagena gave a donation to support Lisa Cazzola
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  9. Natalie Louis
    Natalie Louis gave a $105 donation to support Lisa Cazzola
    I have admired this for a long time. So happy to be able to offer more than just admiration.
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  10. Amanda Hartman
    Amanda Hartman gave a $50 donation to support Lisa Cazzola
    You and your colleagues do amazing work in this world. 💕
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