2 MoRE: for Joseph

2 MoRE: for Joseph

About This Campaign

The 2 MoRE: for Joseph KiDS NEED MoRE Program is dedicated to supporting all bereaved families and those coping with a family member receiving palliative care. Through compassionate support of peer mentors this program assists in creating celebration of life ceremonies, providing comfort to the families served, and creating supportive connections.

Campaign to Support KiDS NEED MoRE

At KiDS NEED M❤️RE  we believe that people and families coping with life-threatening illness and trauma deserve opportunities to enjoy normal day-to-day activities. 

Through camping experiences, like our historic Camp Adventure program, we run activities that foster peer relationships, independence and respite. We hold free gatherings and events. 

 The M❤️RE Hope For Johnathon Program delivers specialized packages to families and provides peer mentors that make friendly home and hospital visits. 

At KiDS NEED M❤️RE  we believe that children and families coping with life threatening illness and trauma deserve to do M❤️RE than just survive. They deserve to thrive! Our programs and activities are designed to reunite siblings and allow parents time for respite. We create networks with other families that are facing similar experiences. We believe fun and friendship heals. J

Joseph was a happy loving kid. He inspired us all to find joy in the simple things, like a hot dog and a good bowl of mac and cheese. He laughed along with Ernie on Seasame Street and loved the peacefulness of a floating balloon. He knew the secret to life was spending time at home with his family, spreading kindness, being a good brother and son.
Joseph was born with a rare syndrome called monosomy p1q36deletion. He had a deletion in chromosome number 1, affected by only one in 5,000. Joseph had a lot of medical issues due to this syndrome. He was born with tiny holes throughout his heart, had a cleft lip and he was developmental delayed. When he was born he was immediately put on heart medication. At 6 weeks old he was rushed into open heart surgery. Thus began a lifetime of surgeries. At 7 months old he had his cleft lip repaired and at 2 years old another open heart surgery. He developed ventricular tachycardia, a serve heart arrhythmia. For the first 3 years of Joe's life, we had therapists coming to our house because he was delayed. Joe did not walk until he was 3 1⁄2 years old. He had difficulty communicating. He had some words, spoke with his ipad and used some sign language.
Joe always was smiling and kept fighting, he never gave up. He had the most contagious laugh. Joe was the center of the family. Shhhhh don't tell his brother and sister... he was everyone's favorite! Joseph was 12 years old, when he unexpectedly passed away. Joseph is missed and loved everyday. In memory of Joseph, his mother, Kathy Birch, along with his family began the KiDS NEED MoRE Hearts for Joseph Program. The mission of this program is to assist families that have lost a loved one with planning and creating memorial services. Through Joseph's compassion for others we seek to enhance the lives of those who are coping with grief and loss.
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