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I hope that the few paragraphs below help you realize why I love Camp Adventure and that it encourages you to support my decision to volunteer my personal time every summer for these amazing children!

What does Camp Adventure mean to me? Well, to put that answer into a few paragraphs seems wrong. How does one condense such an extraordinary experience? Camp Adventure wasn't just a camp for my family, friends and me. Camp was, and still remains, one of the only places where a child and their siblings are able to escape from the pressures of their illness and just be a kid.

I was nine years old when my sixteen year old sister Margie was diagnosed with ALL. Nine. I think back now and realize how young that really was. Her illness caused havoc in my family’s life. As a nine year old, you can imagine how hard it was to experience that. But there was this place where I was able to escape to for one week; a place where every other person there was affected by cancer in some way or another; a place that showed me I wasn't alone; a place where they got me and I got them. My camp family was there through the ups and downs. When times became tough, they were my shoulder to lean on. And they have never left my side since.

Camp Adventure isn't just a sleep away camp; it is the home of our second family. That is why I came back as a volunteer. If it wasn't for Camp Adventure, I am sure that my family's experience with cancer would have been much more difficult. Although Camp Adventure can't take away all the hard times a cancer family experiences, it sure does make it easier.

So what does Camp Adventure mean to me? I guess the answer is actually quite simple. It means family. It means love. It means friendship. But most importantly, it means that you're not alone. And that is one lesson I would never give back.

Location / Venue

  • Address:
  • Quinipet Retreat Center
  • 99 Shore Road
  • Shelter Island Heights, NY
  • USA
  • Time:
  • Aug 11, 2017 12:00 am to
  • Aug 18, 2017 12:00 am
Camp Adventure Volunteers

About This Campaign

Camp Adventure 
for Children Coping with Cancer
Where KiDS can be KiDS!


This life changing experience is one of a kind. Our Camp Adventure Volunteers have made magic for children coping with cancer for over 27 years.  
They give up vacation time, family events and make sacrifices to make this an amazing summer for KiDS coping with cancer
We honor these incredible people that are the backbone of our organization. 
When you donate  to our volunteers you are making a pledge to help children and families facing cancer. 
Who are our Volunteers?
They are school teachers, landscapers, nurses, 
construction workers, mental health professionals, college students, 
moms, dads, big sisters, survivors, caretakers
 and simply everyday heroes that want to make this summer special.
 For some of our campers this may be their last summer and we are keenly aware.

Be MoRE. GiVE MoRE. Do MoRE. 
(Hey, you could volunteer too!)
Support our volunteers in their mission to do MoRE

Why do we ask volunteers to do this Campaign Activity?
We ask our volunteers to fundraise and allow us to serve MoRE children, MoRE families and provide the best training and support for our volunteers. 
It costs over $1000 to properly support each volunteer staff person
The volunteers that raise the MOST funds will be awarded a special prize!! To be announced. 
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